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November 2, 2010

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Runaway? Kicked-out? Did you know… December 2, 2008

Did you know there is a place in our area you can stay if you or a friend has been kicked-out or have runaway? Yeah, it’s called SafeShelter.


The point of SafeShelter is to keep you safe, clean, fed, and warm while we try to help you work things out at home. Most youth who are ages 11-17 can access SafeShelter services. SafeShelter is a much better alternative to seeing which friend will let you crash on their couch.


Call us at 503-538-8023 if you have any questions or need a place to stay. One can also call 1-866-538-8023  if it is night-time (at any time of night), the weekend, or a day Youth Outreach is closed. The 1-866-538-8023 phone number is a free call from a regular phone (like a home phone) or any pay phone.



No need for a couch with SafeShelter

No need for a couch with SafeShelter