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Youth Outreach

Save the World February 10, 2009

freericelogo3 Free Rice
This site provides fun trivia with a purpose. Answer questions and help add to the United Nations World Food Program. Over 59 billion grains of rice have been donated to date. This is an easy way to help eliminate world hunger.





freepovertylogo3 Free Poverty
This site uses geography knowledge to help provide water to people around the globe who struggle to survive. Clean water is a necessity for all people in any area and is sometimes difficult to find. By answering these geography questions you can donate water to the people with the greatest need.



helpthirstlogo1 Help Thirst
Play games and earn water for those with the greatest thirst. This site is an opportunity to have fun while you give your brain a workout – and the best part – is that you can help provide water to locations and people who may not otherwise get that life sustaining liquid.



All it takes is a click. This site just asks you to click; to show you care enough to just push a button. The response is a cup of food donated to needy areas in India. One click could save a life – and it only takes a few seconds.




porloschicos2 Por Los Chicos
This is another site that only takes a couple seconds and a single click to help. You can provide food for a child in need in Argentina.




povertyfighters2 Poverty Fighters
Povertyfighters.com provides “microcredit” for those in dire poverty. The organization uses funds to extend small (in our terms) loans that can change the life of a family or individual committed to changing his or her own environment. Recipients are able to use the capital to provide a service or bring a resource to a deserving community.




hungersitelogo1 The Hunger Site
The hunger site provides more than a cup of food for each volunteer click. The site is free for users and collects money from sponsors (note the ads on the site – these are sponsoring companies) to fund purchases of food and supplies.




worldhungerlogo2 Hunger Notes
This site combines education with supplies to fight world hunger. Users can take a quiz at no cost, which provides information about the world in which we live and results in a donation to people in crisis.




youthnoise1 Youth Noise
Youth Noise will donate money to support Childhelp, an organization established “to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children.” You can help kids get off to a decent start. The site also provides a resource number for families or individuals in crisis.





definitionof1 Definition Of
This is a particularly fun site and one through which youth can really make a difference. All you have to do is think of a word, define it, and wait for it to be approved. For every two definitions added, Farlex (the sponsor) will provide a lunch to a hungry child. What are you waiting for?


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