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October Calendar September 30, 2009

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Don’t miss the VOMITORIUM, Halloween party, movie marathon, and ZOMBIE CHALLENGE.

Welcome fall!


Coming soon… September 1, 2009

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Stay tuned…


It’s that time… August 31, 2009

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School is almost here. Are you ready?

YO is open all this week, Monday-Friday, from 12 pm to 9 pm.

Next week–Monday, September 7–YO will be closed for Labor Day. But we’ll be back on Tuesday. Maybe we’ll see you at lunch.

Stop by YO after school to hang-out, get help with your homework, and stick around for Drop-In at 5 pm.


Back to School August 19, 2009

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Back to School!

Back to School!

Newberg schools are almost back in session. Check out their calendar for more details.

Here is a list of school supplies needed for the middle schools and high school:

Chehalem Valley Middle School

1.   Hardcover 3-ring loose leaf binder
2.   Notebook paper
3.   Blue or black ink pens
4.   Colored pencils
5.   Pencil bag for notebook
6.   PE uniforms (mandatory) purchased in main office.  $15.00/set (shirt and shorts)
7.   #2 pencils
8.   Glue sticks
9.   Protractor (6” plastic)
10. Solar calculator
11. Scissors
12. Kleenex box
13. Ream of copy paper   

** Additional supplies may be needed for specific classes and projects.  As students’ supplies are used up, they will need to be replenished.

Mountain View Middle School

  • BINDER (3-RING)  2” or larger with 7 index dividers
  • BOOK COVER  Large Stretchy Fabric for Math 
  •  HIGHLIGHTER  1 any color
  •  MARKERS 12 pack assorted non-permanent
  •  NOTEBOOK – SPIRAL  6 (8th grade four spirals and a 2-3
  • section spiral)
  •  PAPER – NOTEBOOK 4 packages College lined-3 hole punched
  •  PE CLOTHES – The Middle Schools and High School have PE uniforms which consists of a T-shirt and shorts that are purchased in the Main Office for $15.  Students will also need socks and shoes.  A separate pair of shoes is not required, but students do need to wear non-marking athletic shoes appropriate for exercise on PE days.  P.E. sweat shirt and/or sweat pants ($23/set or $11 for sweat shirt and $12 for sweat pant) – optional, but if your child wants to wear sweatpants and/or sweatshirts they must wear these.
  •  PENS 12 Black
  •  #2  PENCILS  24 – sharpened
  •  PENCILS-COLORED  12 pack – sharpened
  •  PENCIL BAG  Zippered for 3 ring binder
  •  PENCIL SHARPENER  Small-covered for Math
  •  RULER  12”/30cm
  •  SMALL POST IT NOTES  1 small pack for Math, 3 small packs for ELL Core
  • If these items are needed for class, we will supply and supervise their use.

 Supplies for 6th Grade

  • CALCULATOR inexpensive
  • 4 function solar or Fractional/Scientific solar (w/name in
    permanent marker)

 Supplies for 7th Grade 

  • CALCULATOR inexpensive Fractional/Scientific solar  (w/name in permanent marker)
  •  3×5 NOTE (INDEX) CARDS  1 package for Science

 Supplies for 8th Grade 

  • CALCULATOR Fractional/Scientific solar (w/name in permanent marker)
  •  4×6 NOTE (INDEX) CARDS 1 package for Core
  •  PLANNER/CALENDAR Recording Assignments for Core

Supplies needed for all

Items will be collected and shared school wide

  •  GLUE STICKS  3 large or 6 small
  •  KLEENEX  3 large boxes
  •  PAPER – COPIER  3 reams

These items are not allowed at Mountain View Middle School 


Newberg High School

There is no standard supply list for all students at NHS. Supply needs will be determined by what classes the student is taking. It is recommended that students show up on the first day with a binder, paper, and something to write with. Teachers will inform their students of any additional supplies they will need.


JOBS FOR TEENS July 27, 2009

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Need some extra cash ?

If you can answer “YES” to the following questions, we might have a job for you:

  • Can you pick blueberries
  • Are you able to stand for 4 hours?
  • Do you like to work outside?
  • Can you work hard in HOT weather?
  • Are you dependable and strong?

For more information about picking blueberries and getting paid for it, call Kristin at 503-550-2778.

Click here for permission slips.


Get your permissions slips here July 1, 2009

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Forget to get your permission slip? Leave it at YO? Wish you even had one?

Fear not. The permission slips can now be found on the right-hand side of the page. Just click and print.



 Click here to get Blueberry permission slips.


The Summer Calendar Is Here! June 16, 2009

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Check out our new summer calendar.

We have lots of cool things going on: beach trips, water fights, sports in the park, BBQ s, and more.

SafeShelter services are also available during the summer months.


This is HILARIOUS April 17, 2009

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Hiking Trip March 26, 2009

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Check out our hiking trip photos from the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. We saw Canadian geese, 2 hawks, cool ducks, a big bird’s nest, and a blue heron.

This video is of some of the guys carefully approaching some geese.


Wildlife Refuge from flora on Vimeo.


YO is Open during Spring Break March 23, 2009

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YO is open during spring break from noon (12 pm) to 9 pm.

Drop In opens at 4:00 all week.

Make sure your permission slips is in for any field trips.