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Youth Outreach

Stay Safe October 1, 2008

Teen Safety Plan:

Think about ways in advance to stay safe if you should ever find yourself in a situation that is not considered safe, such as a relationship.


Have a Safety Plan in mind.

  • Find an adult you can tell about violence or abuse.
  • Find people at school you can tell in order to be safe: teacher, principals, counselor, school security.
  • If needed, think about changing your route to and from school or other places you hang out.
  • Use the buddy system when you go to different places like school or your favorite hangout.
  • Think about what friends can help you stay safe.
  • Think about whom you can call to ask for a ride home if stranded.
  • If being abused, keep a journal in a safe place the describes the abuse.
  • If being abused, change the number to any cell phones or pagers. Get rid of any phones or pagers you abuser may have given you.
  • Keep a prepaid calling card and the phone numbers of people who can help you with you at all times.
  • Know where you can go quickly to get away from an abusive person.
  • Have a code word to use if you can’t get away from your abuser and you are talking with friends. The code word will tell them you are in trouble and need help from an adult or the police.
  • Contact Youth Outreach is you are in an unsafe situation and need help. Our Youth Helpline is 1-877-538-8023 and it is free from anywhere, even pay phones.


Call any of these numbers if you need help or support.

  • Call 911 if you are in danger!
  • Sexual Assault Support Services: 1-800-788-4727 (free call, open 24 hours)
  • National Runaway Hotline: 1-800-621-4000 (free call, open 24 hours)
  • Youth Outreach: 503-538-8023 (open Mon.-Fri. 9 am to 9 pm)
  • Henderson House: 1-877-227-5946 (free call, open 24 hours)
  • NW Human Services Crisis Line: 1-800-560-5535 (free call, open 24 hours)



Important Informationbbbbbbbbbbbbb

*Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugsnnnnnnnn
These substances immediately affect coordination, reflexes, senses, and memory. Even minimal use affects development of brain function and other organs.  Tobacco and inhaled drugs harshly irritate lungs/throat, sometimes causing severe effects. All of these substances can be fatal! .nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
*Suicide: Warning Signs
-Moody or downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
-Feeling hopeless, withdrawing
-Preoccupation with death
-Talking about suicide or making plans, even jokingly
If you know someone feeling this way:
-Show you care: Listen, take them seriously
-Be non-judgmental
-Ask the question: Are you feeling depressed or suicidal  (be direct in a non-confrontational way)
-Let the feelings come out and accept them
-Connect them with someone who can help them stay safe.

Possible Consequences

for a D.U.I.I. Charge or an MIP

 (Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Drugs):

-Possible jail time of up to one year or more

-Fines up to $5000

-Record of the offence in the court system

-Driving privileges suspended

-Mandatory drug/alcohol assessments and diversion classes at your expense

-Auto insurance rates can increase for up to 10 years

-Community service




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